Environmental Disinfection Systems
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Solutions for sanitizing, eliminating coronaviruses and other pathogens.

Over 30 years of experience in the cleaning sector have allowed us to develop a series of systems sanitizers to defeat bacteria, virus, including i coronavirus, and make environments and jobs healthier. L'wide range of products, battery or electric misting systems, sprayers with powerful blowing, atomizers with system injection-extraction e steam generators allows us to offer environment sanitization and environmental disinfection solutions suitable for all needs, from large industry to small businesses.

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    To inactivate viruses, pathogens and destroy the bacterial load.

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    Our Product Range

    Complete line of solutions to sanitize and eliminate bacteria and viruses,
    including coronaviruses, from environments and surfaces.

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    Main advantages of Sanifikator

    Fast and easy to carry out sanitization.
    The most suitable and practicable solution for daily sanitization.


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